SAMSUNG 32 Inch Smart HD TV | 32T4400


৳ 23,000.00

  • Display Size: 32 Inches
  • Resolution : 1,366 x 768 (HD)
  • Smart / Android: Smart TV
  • No of HDMI ports : 2
  • No of USB ports: 1

৳ 23,000.00

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Product Description

SAMSUNG HD 32 Inch Smart TV | 32T4500

Technology is a developing field and companies like Samsung are constantly making new breakthroughs to improve our lives. The most recent example of this philosophy is the 32 inch 32T4400 TV, which has one outstanding design that makes it stand out from other TVs such as LED screens or USB ports for easy connectivity with your devices; but its smart features make life exciting too by giving you access to thousands of movies through Netflix or Amazon Prime Video!


Watch, Play, Connect



Access various content with one remote


Smart Hub & One Remote Control


The sleek One Remote Control is all you need to find and enjoy tons of different content in one place. There’s no more flipping the TV channels, searching through menus on your game consoles, or scrolling endlessly between apps! The remote comes with a built-in app for easy browsing straight from your phone.

Get what you want just by speaking up

Multiple voice assistant



All your favorite content is just waiting for you to tell it what you want. With voice control, browsing and searching can be a breeze as well, allowing users to get answers on their own terms without having to look through old emails or navigate complicated menus. And with the ability of controlling other devices around your home such as TV’s and speakers too, this technology will make everything that much easier in more ways than one!

Personal Computer

Work-fun balance


You can work from the cloud, mirror your laptop to a big-screen convenience or remotely access your office computer when you need. When that call for work arises and so does a Samsung Smart TV at home with all these features equipped? Life is just easier as it becomes easy on its way to becoming difficult.

You may be compelled into exploring new territory in terms of remote working but there’s no excuse not to have wifi around if some obstacles arise! That said, why go through life being hard without an option like this one which makes things simpler?

Content Guide


Search Less. Discover More.



With Smart TV’s Content Guide, it is now easier than ever to watch your favorite show with just a few clicks. No more hunting through listings or scrolling pages of shows that you don’t care about! With our new recommendations and personalized content tailored for you, there are no limits on what kind of entertainment can be at your fingertips in the living room.

With so many great features like interactive guides and customized viewing options delivered right into the palm of my hand thanks to an intuitive app interface I’m able to find whatever type of programming I want without leaving home–and all this from one device? It doesn’t get much better than that when it comes to convenience.

Music System


Music Comes Alive



Samsung’s new Smart TV has a completely immersive and interactive interface that will revolutionize how you watch your favorite songs. Now, all of the beats in your playlist can be seen with 3 different color tones depending on what mood they are playing out to evoke within you!

Home cloud & Auto Hotspot


The newly installed Auto Hotspot feature automatically turns on the Internet through your mobile to power up any Samsung Smart TV. The Home Cloud# lets you save all of your important files wirelessly and effortlessly, so that no matter where you are or which device is in use, they’ll be there for when it’s needed most.

Live Cast


Share the moment



Samsung Live Cast is the best way to share your story with friends and family. You can broadcast yourself without using a camera, or you could live stream anything in front of you by attaching your smart device to your TV screen. Uploading will take just a few seconds so there’s no need for any technical hassle!

Samsung LiveCast lets users broadcast their experiences from anywhere at any time right on to their Samsung SmartTVs through an easy-to-use app that automatically detects nearby devices and content – all from within one convenient location. Users don’t need fancy equipment like cameras; they simply select what they want to show before broadcasting it instantaneously onto either YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, or even WhatsApp if desired.

From the couch to the World Wide Web.


Keep up-to-date with the latest trends by checking your social media, reading blogs, and browsing through websites. The smart browser will help you find whatever it is that interests you on the internet so there’s no need to spend hours searching!

The innovative web browser has been designed specifically for people who are always in search of new information online. If something catches your eye while scrolling down a page or if somebody emails an article link, just click on this icon: voila – all these sites have conveniently appeared as tabs at the top of the screen under “My Feed”.


Two-way Sharing

Your entertainment, on any screen



Forget about the old days when you had to be in front of a TV screen and watch your favorite show. Now, with Smart TVs and smartphones, it’s possible for you to take that same content anywhere – no matter where or what time! Have access from home on any device? Or do work better at coffee shops without music playing in the background?

See the stunning detail



High-Dynamic Range (HDR) can show you an immense spectrum of colors and visual details, even in dark scenes!

High Dynamic Range levels up the bright expression on your TV so that vivid blues don’t get lost next to black backgrounds. You’ll enjoy a full range of color with HDR from lightest whites to deepest blacks – much more than standard HDTVs provide today.

Lifelike color that brings you closer




PurColor is a masterpiece of engineering. It brings videos to life, and allows for the TV screen itself to express an incredible range of colors that are impossible on other screens. This enables video viewers not only to see every detail but experience it as well.

Improved detail for a clear picture

Ultra Clean View


Ultra Clean View delivers high-quality images with less distortion, utilizing an advanced algorithm to analyze original content and deliver improved detail. Utilizing this technology on your computer can greatly improve any image you are viewing for a more enjoyable experience!

UltraCleanView is the perfect software solution when it comes to improving your favorite photographs or watching movies at home without worrying about pixelation interrupting that smooth visual flow. The program analyzes what’s in front of them before running through an advanced algorithm that helps remove all traces of digital noise leftover from low-quality cameras and camera phones as well as those pesky phone bubbles (we know how infuriating they are!). This means better quality pictures every time – whether it be sharpening selfies or taking portrait photos!

See images comes to life

Contrast Enhancer



Contrast Enhancer is a plug-in that can be used at any stage of the editing process to bring out details in flat images. You’ll notice improved contrast, sharper edges, and better color reproduction with this tool.

What if you’re looking for an image editor but don’t want it to take up too much space? Well, Contrast Enhancer might appeal more than most photo editors because not only does it have all your basic edits like Crop and Warp; there are also some pretty cool features such as “Reveal.”