SAMSUNG 55 Inch QLED Smart 4K TV | 55Q60R


৳ 120,000.00

  • Display Size: 55 Inch
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Smart / Android: Smart
  • No of HDMI Port: 4
  • No of USB Port: 2

৳ 120,000.00

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Product Description

Incredible Color & Clarity

Step up to a whole new world of QLED color.



Quantum Dot technology lets you experience images bursting with a dazzling range of over one billion colors, each upscaled to incredible clarity thanks to our intelligent 4K processor. Unlike traditional displays that use LEDs or q-LEDs for light sources and only reach the standard sixteen million color palette, Quantum Dots are quantum-mechanically generated fluorescent nanoparticles made from semiconducting material like indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs). These particles emit short wavelengths in blue-greenish hues while displaying larger pixel sizes than other technologies on offer today. This means more detail is displayed per screen size without compromising quality – all at an affordable cost!


QLED 4K UHD and 100% Color Volume

with Quantum Dots



The best part about this TV is that it has a billion different colors, so you’ll never be stuck with an ugly color again. With four times the resolution of Full HD and crisper than ever before thanks to Quantum Dots, your favorite shows won’t just look better; they will feel like full-blown theater-quality!

Powerful performance

Quantum Processor 4K



The processor has the ability to instantly upscale content for 4K resolution. It can give precise detail and refined color with a power-efficient design, so your battery doesn’t suffer under heavy workloads.

The intelligently powered processor automatically adjusts screen settings based on what you’re viewing at any given moment in order to maximize visibility from different angles without compromising image quality or brightness levels – perfect for watching YouTube videos while cooking dinner!


Automatic adaptation

Intelligent Mode


Panasonic’s latest OLED TV features a built-in sensor that analyzes the light and sound in your room to make sure you’re getting an optimal viewing experience without having to adjust settings manually.


QLED Smart Features

All in one

with OneRemote



OneRemote is the first remote that lets you control all your devices without having to use a separate app.

OneRemote automatically detects and controls all compatible connected devices with its built-in sensors, making it easy for everyone in the family or home space to get their entertainment on!


Use your voice

with Bixby on TV



Bixby is a voice-activated assistant that can control your TV with just a simple request. In order to use Bixby you first need to sign up for an account and give it permission on all of the devices where it will be installed such as laptops, phones, tablets etc. You then need to set up which languages you speak by going into settings from within the app itself or in other words make sure “voice recognition” has been turned on so that when someone speaks they are recognized accurately by Google Assistant’s technology; this way if English isn’t one of your spoken languages but Spanish is there won’t be any problems understanding what was said back because now machine translation knows how to translate between these two different language speaking people!


QLED meets the new Apple TV app

Apple TV



Now for the first time ever, you can buy and stream movies with your QLED. Apple TV has new channels like HBO, Showtime, and Starz that will keep viewers entertained on their tv at home or in public places; all while they enjoy a meal from one of our restaurants. Plus AirPlay 2-enabled Samsung Smart TVs allow customers to play videos from an apple device directly onto their television screen without any hassle!

Search less, enjoy more


with Universal Guide


Whether you’re a TV buff or just want to catch up on shows, we’ve got the ultimate guide for your viewing pleasure. With our simple on-screen guide and search engine, it’s never been easier to find streaming content from all of your devices and services. You can also enjoy live tv programs as they air with Live Channels!

Smart Home and QLED


with SmartThings

Experience more than TV, with a dashboard for seamlessly controlling your smart home devices and appliances. It’s never been easier to adjust the air conditioning in your living room without getting up from the couch!

Amazon Alexa

Smart Speakers

QLED’s compatibility with other Alexa-enabled devices makes it easier than ever to have your voice control every aspect of your television. You can use the power of Amazon’s virtual assistant for everything from turning on and off, changing channels, adjusting volume levels, or even browsing a list site like YouTube in moments without needing to lift a finger!

Google Assistant

Smart Speakers

Google Assistant is now more powerful than ever. While you’re busy getting your cooking done, just ask Google to change the channel on your QLED TV, adjust volume or playback controls for all of your Chromecast-enabled devices and smart speakers in one go with a simple voice command from any room!

AirPlay 2

Apple has made it easy to share and enjoy content on a larger screen with AirPlay 2. Simply connect your Apple device wirelessly to the TV using the Home or Remote app, select what you want from the iOS 11 Control Center, and voilà! Effortless streaming of music videos/playlists, photo albums – all in crystal clear quality for optimal viewing experience.

See the bigger picture


Screen sizes up to 82″

Samsung’s line of oversized TVs are perfect for those who want to take their on-screen entertainment up a level. These televisions make it feel like you’re in the middle of your favorite movie, show, or game – they’ll immerse themselves and create the ultimate cinematic experience. Whether movies, TV shows, sports games – these 75″+ class televisions will have them all look larger than life!

Made for gaming

Real Game Enhancer

Dynamic Black Equalizer is the answer to your immersive gaming needs. The app offers you better visibility in dark environments and detailed scene analysis so that what’s on-screen looks as sharp, clear, and vivid as possible. You can even hear more clearly with Dynamic EQ by enhancing sound quality for a real-life experience!

First TV with FreeSync

Reduced Lag Time and Tearing

Your gaming experience has never been this immersive, as QLED’s VRR technology provides you with the speed necessary to dominate. With FreeSync™ and innovative Q-Wave technologies that reduce input lag by over 55%, see why your friends are going green in envy

Recap: Learn about how our new Quantum Dot Technology will change the way you game for good!  Our patented tech is designed to give gamers a smooth framerate of 144Hz without any blur or latency issues while also reducing input lag time significantly. Stop playing games on outdated hardware now and switch today before others do it first.

Minimal design, maximum impact


Sleek Design

QLED’s minimal design features slim bezels that focus your eyes on the picture, so you see what’s really important.

No more blank screens


Ambient Mode™

Ambient Mode™ helps QLED blend with your lifestyle for a perfectly natural effect.² Instead of an ordinary black screen, you’ll see images that match your lifestyle and needs, making it easy to customize the content displayed on-screen.