SAMSUNG 65 Inch 4k Smart TV | 65TU7000 | 2020


৳ 105,000.00

  • Display Size: 65 Inch
  • Resolution : 3840 x 2160 (4k)
  • Smart / Android: Smart
  • No of HDMI Port: 2
  • No of USB Port: 1

৳ 105,000.00

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Product Description

SAMSUNG 65 inch Crystal UHD Smart TV

Samsung is a company that strives to make the world better every day. They always look ahead, and they never stop innovating for future generations to come.

The Samsung 65 inch crystal UHD smart TV is one of many products designed by them with this ideology in mind; it offers viewers vivid colors, crisp resolution on an ultra-high-definition screen – all at prices anyone can afford!


Color and detail designed for you


Crisp and vivid color expression


Crystal Display


Immerse yourself in a world of color, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s Crystal Display. With S Pen and more powerful than ever before it provides optimized viewing for every subtlety on screen so you can see what others cannot- even at night!

Samsung created this new product to bring people back into an immersive experience by providing them with crystal clarity through its colors that are made possible thanks to adaptive display technology which optimizes brightness according to environment lighting conditions.

Powerful picture quality


Crystal Processor 4K


When you see a picture, it’s because one chip is orchestrating the colors to make them vibrant and beautiful. Making sure contrast ratios are at their best for your viewing pleasure, while even mastering HDR so that every image pops with detail-rich color.

The power of this single small device nestled in the middle of your television or monitor has an incredible amount of processing going on: from making pictures as clear as possible by organizing all those pixels into something we can actually understand (like objects), to optimizing high contrasts ratio – which makes everything seem clearer when there are two different areas within a frame contrasted together like night versus day. But what about when these lights get too bright? When they’re not just contrasting but competing against each other?


See the picture, not the TV


3-side Boundless Design


The design is sleek and elegant, drawing your attention to the purest picture. It’s made with an effortless minimalist style from every angle and boundless that sets new standards for a modern cinematic experience. You’ll see only our most immersive film ever!

Feel the reality of 4K UHD Resolution


4K Resolution


4K UHD TV is one of the latest innovations in televisions. 4X more pixels than an FHD television brings your viewing experience to life, making you feel like part of the scene as opposed to just watching it from afar!

See the stunning detail




Your TV is now able to display every color in the world and without you even noticing it.

Your television was never capable of displaying such a wide spectrum of colors until HDR made its way onto your screen, but that’s not all! Your TV can now make it easier on our eyes when watching any dark scenes by creating brighter expressions with just one click or tap.


Clean up the clutter


Clean cable solution


Samsung UHD stands are designed with innovative features to keep your TV cables neatly tucked away and out of sight. This way you can enjoy the elegant design without having to worry about a cluttered mess!

Samsung’s new line of TVs is not only sleek but also offers an intuitive solution for hiding all those pesky cords that come along with it. The stand comes equipped with cable management systems- no more trip hazards or annoyance when running across wires while trying to watch Netflix on your phone during commercials breaks!

Find a variety of content with one remote


One Remote Control


The One Remote Control is a game-changer for media lovers who have trouble keeping track of their remotes. With the sleek design and ability to search all your favorite content, it’s easy as pie!

The new One Remote Control from The New York Times Company is an innovative take on simplifying living room chaos. It keeps everything simple while providing quick access to live TV, apps, games consoles – even if you can’t find that pesky remote again!

Just tap to mirror


Tap View


When you tap the TV, it automatically senses your smartphone and mirrors to share all of your favorite content. It’s quick and easy for anyone with a smart phone to switch their view from personal media consumption on their own screen into enjoying everything they love about home entertainment in real time.

Works with Amazon Alexa


Amazon Alexa


Just by simply adding the new Samsung TV to your home, you can be able to use Alexa as well. All of these functions are available and more with just one device! It’s easy for connection between other devices that have this compatibility too so now it will only take a few seconds instead of hours or even days.

Control your TV with the Google Assistant


Google Assistant


Now you can watch your favorite show hands-free with a new Samsung TV and Google Home. You don’t have to lift a finger – just use the power of your voice!

Works with AirPlay 2


AirPlay 2


Samsung TVs now sport AirPlay 2, which means you can easily and wirelessly stream content from your Apple devices to the TV. Effortlessly play videos, music, photos, and more on a big screen with this new technology!

No need for cumbersome cables or wires; just connect your iPhone/iPad/Mac to Samsung using Airplay 2’s built-in function. Stream whatever is in front of you right onto an HD display without any fuss whatsoever: movies? Check. Music? Got it covered. Photos too?! You betcha!