SONY BRAVIA 43 Inch FHD Smart TV | 43W660G


৳ 46,500.00

  • Display Size : 43-inch
  • Resolution : 1920 x  1080 (Full HD)
  • Smart / Android : Smart TV
  • No of HDMI ports : 2
  • No of USB ports : 2

৳ 46,500.00

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Product Description

Rediscover every detail in Full HD with

X-Reality™ PRO

Sony’s X-Reality™ PRO photo processing provides exceptional Full HD clarity. It is used to refine the image and reduce noise, even enhancing finer details like architecture in buildings. For instance: The building’s architectural design detail appears more crisp with less graininess than before thanks to an extra level of refinement courtesy from Sony’s technology!

Brilliant highlights, beautiful textures of Sony 43W660G
High Dynamic Range

HDR, also known as High Dynamic Range. It preserves the lost detail in the darkest and brightest areas of a picture for an even more dynamic look. For instance, take a look at how it brings out textures on shining metal wings or reflections from sunlight to create photos with incredible details that are impossible to see otherwise!

Enjoy HDR gaming 

Sony’s HDR televisions make excellent partners for PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®4 Pro consoles. Immerse yourself in a responsive, fun-filled gaming experience with intensely vibrant colors that totally bring your favorite games to life. See every detail of the game come through crystal clear on Sony’s 4K display – you’ll be able to see right down into the pixels! These TVs are also fully compatible with the PSVR headset so try it out today by reserving one at our store!

Made to listen
ClearAudio+ in Sony 43W660G

With ClearAudio+, you get a more lifelike listening experience than ever before. Whether on TV or through your smartphone, the immersive sound will put you right in the middle of it all. Fine-tuned for an emotional enriching experience that surrounds and immerses you as if there were no barrier between what’s happening on screen and what’s coming out of your speakers (or earphones). So whatever entertainment is catching your attention ̶ movies, music videos, shows ̶ be sure to turn up Clear Audio+ so that nothing can spoil this momentary escape from reality!

Access and enjoy YouTube™ instantly with one click

Sony knows how to make the most of a viewing experience. Our Sony LED TV has YouTube, and it’s been designed with browsing in mind – just press the dedicated button on your remote control for easy access!

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A better way to enjoy your smartphone

Plug your smartphone or USB drive into the Smart Plug and Play, sit back on your couch with a drink in hand to experience all of those things you love more than anything. The large screen TV will take care of everything for you!

More clarity, more detail with Full HD

Experience the exquisite detail, contrast and texture of Full HD 1080p. With an image resolution that surpasses 1920 x 1080 pixels to provide five times more detail than a standard definition picture everything you watch is sharper, more defined, and real with minimal noise or flaws!

Cables concealed, neat and tidy design of Sony 43W660G

A clean desk is a happy one, which means that your cables should be as well. No need to worry about cords falling off the back of your monitor or spilling out from behind it because there’s an easy fix! The cable holder will neatly keep everything held in place and hidden away so you can focus on what matters: work!

No more messy cables with this handy gadget; just connect them all while they’re still connected to the computer, then use Velcro ties (provided) and hide them where only you know – no worries if someone spills some coffee now.

X-Protection PRO: Sony Performs in the toughest conditions

Instead of the entertainment, let’s be honest. The last thing you want to worry about is your TV being damaged when it could have been prevented with an X-Protection PRO Sony 43 inch smart TV!

Ever wonder if there was something more than just dust that threatened your old television? I mean come on who doesn’t get their fingers all over those screens sometimes and besides a good amount of people know what happens when they’re watching outside during thunderstorms or lighting storms… Well now we don’t need to fret because this new technology called X Protection Pro means it can withstand extreme conditions like humidity, lightning strikes, and power surges which are pretty much guaranteed in our area so thank goodness for these guys saving us from any future worries.

Motionflow™ XR keeps the action smooth

Take your viewing experience to a whole new level with Motionflow™ XR. This innovative technology creates and inserts extra frames between the original ones, which results in smooth playback of fast-moving sequences without any motion blur or juddering for sharp details that stay crisp no matter how quickly you’re watching!

The best way to enjoy movies is on Sony’s stunning 4K monitor – not only does it make action scenes more immersive thanks to its high refresh rate, but even during complicated battle scenes involving many different characters all moving at once, there’ll be zero lag time so you can see every detail up close and personal.