Sony BRAVIA 55 Inch LED 4K Android TV | 55X8000G


৳ 85,000.00

  • Display Size : 55-inch
  • Resolution : 3860 x 2160 (4k)
  • Smart / Android : Android TV
  • No of HDMI ports : 4
  • No of USB ports : 3

৳ 85,000.00

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Product Description

This is how entertaining 4K can be


With its 4K HDR and TRILUMINOS Display, watching TV on this set is like stepping into a dream world. Android TV™ offers your favorite apps in one place for easy access to all of the entertainment you want.

4K with X-Reality PRO upscaling produces an almost live viewing experience while keeping colors vibrant thanks to Triluminos Display technology


Rediscover every detail in 4K with The SONY 55 Inch 4k TV 

For those with a discerning eye, the Sony 4K projection TV provides an immersive viewing experience. With X-Reality™ PRO upscaling technology and refined sharpening in real time to reveal detail that might otherwise be lost on even the most premium quality screens, you’ll feel like you’re right there alongside Hermione Granger as she searches for spells at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Life’s brilliance revealed with extra colors

Sony’s new 4K TV makes it possible to see colors that you never before imagined. The TRILUMINOS Display is a breakthrough in television technology, as it can accurately and faithfully reproduce every color we have ever seen with our eyes or on any screen!

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Get started with just one button in this SONY 55 Inch 4k TV 

This SONY 55 Inch 4k TV has a dedicated Netflix button, which makes it easier to start streaming with just one click.

Made to listen

ClearAudio+ enables any TV to emit the same quality of sound you would expect from a concert hall. With ClearAudio+, your viewing experience is enriched and immersive, with clearer dialogue and music that resonates in ways it never could before – even on a smaller screen!

Clear Audio+ keeps every facet of an episode as lifelike as possible so you can enjoy what’s happening without distractions or confusion. Hear the fluidity between instruments like never before!

Just talk, a fun way to explore new worlds with This SONY 55 Inch 4k TV 

You can find all the entertainment you want as fast as your voice commands allow. This Android smart TV lets you enjoy movies and shows from broadcast or apps in a blink of an eye with advanced voice control, so it is always at arm’s reach.

Get your cables concealed, neat, and tidy with this SONY 55 Inch 4k TV 

It’s always a mess to see cables everywhere. The Cable Management Kit organizes and hides the cable clutter for you so that it doesn’t get in your way! Hiding them inside of an attractive stand, the included organizer keeps all of those pesky wires hidden out of their sight after they’re used up. It also includes two interchangeable cable holders to ensure no more tangles or knots with cords on hand at home or work!

It can be hard enough juggling life without having messy wires getting in the way wherever we go. That is why there are products like this one here; They help organize your workspace while looking stylish too – who could ask for anything better than that? With its durable design made from quality materials, not only does


On this 4K HDR television with 4K X-Reality™ PRO upscaling, see worlds of vivid color and lifelike detail. Also, enjoy A TRILUMINOS display and easy access to YouTube™.

4K High Dynamic Range(HDR)
4K X-Reality™ PRO
Android TV™