Sony BRAVIA HD 32 Inch Basic LED TV | KLV-32R302E | Black


৳ 23,100.00

  • Display: HD
  • Resolution: 1248×702
  • Smart/Android: Android
  • No of USB Ports: 1(Yes)
  • No of HDMI Ports: 2(Yes)

৳ 23,100.00

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Product Description

Amazing Picture Quality with Clear Resolution Enhancer

Clear Resolution Enhancer is the latest product in TV viewing. It helps you see high-resolution images with enhanced clarity and color accuracy, as well as provide a better overall experience by making content more comfortable to view for long periods of time.

Smartphone Plug & Play to Enjoy Smartphone Contents

Sony BRAVIA TVs will make your smartphone photos, music or videos look and sound fantastic! Simply connect your Android device to the TV with a micro USB cable (included in all packages) and enjoy viewing everything from Instagrams of friends’ dinner party selfies.

X-Protection Pro Provides Long life for this 32 inch LED TV

TVs are usually susceptible to dust and moisture, which can lead to short-circuiting. That means you get a TV that looks like it was just pulled out of the lake after being exposed for months in water or sand! You won’t have this problem with our strong construction because we built these TVs without ventilation holes on the back so there’s no way for any dirt or raindrop to come near your precious new toy. Plus, advanced protection keeps all those bad things away from your TV within an inch of its life-giving you one less thing to worry about when getting ready for sleep at night.

Super Multi-Format USB Play in Sony KLV-32R302E

USBs can be one of the most useful and convenient things in your life. Imagine not having to bother with a laptop, tablet, or phone when you want to enjoy some music on TV – simply connect it via USB! Not only does this media player support many formats but also has an HDMI port which makes viewing photos even easier than before. Is there anything more relaxing then settling down after work for a glass of wine while watching old home videos?

FM Radio – Listen to your Favourite Radio Stations

Listen to your favorite FM stations as never before with the Sony BRAVIA TV. The built-in speakers will give you crisp, clear reception that sounds great in any room of your house! Easily switch between radio stations using the remote and store up to 30 different frequencies for a personalized listening experience that can be recalled at any time.

Photo Frame Mode to View your Memories on Screen

Plug your camera or USB into the HDMI port on your TV and press play. You’ll be able to see all of the photos from a digital camera, SD card, or USB drive in HD quality without having to wait for them to upload onto social media sites like Instagram or Facebook.

What would you do if you could view every photo stored on your phone’s memory? Or even worse: What if someone else had access to it too! Now there is an easier way–plugging the device with its content directly into any television screen so that everyone can enjoy their memories together rather than scrolling through one at a time while being alone.

Clear Phase Provides Clearer, More Natural Sound

Clear Phase technology is a breakthrough in sound quality, providing the perfect mix of frequencies for your ears. It will change how you listen to music forever and make it easier than ever before to feel like you’ve travelled around the world just by listening on headphones!

Clear Phase was developed with one goal: To provide an entirely new way of experiencing audio. Not only does Clear Phase ensure that every song comes through clear from start to finish without any distortion or loss in clarity – but its patent-pending design also ensures that the mids, highs, and lows are balanced so as not fall victim to overcomplicating things when all we want is some good music!